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What attendees are saying from their experience!

I felt so loved and appreciated.

When the unloved start to see that someone might love them after all, their lives are forever changed. We started to believe that God just might love us after all. That's the impact you had on us. ~P

You all made an impact on my day as well as my life. 

Everything was so beautiful and the program was very inspiring.  All of the hosts were amazing and so kind.

There was so much love in the room.  Everyone made me feel special - especially with the tiara's and beautiful gifts.

It was really relaxing, a day well needed.

I really enjoyed princess arising, it was a great experience, I enjoyed Teresa's speech. I enjoyed all the people who were there and how they were so happy for me to be there. I enjoyed how I was treated as a princess from the moment I walked in. 

I really appreciated all the time and effort, that went into the planning of this incredible event, I felt very loved and blessed to be involved.

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